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The concept was born at a contractor’s health and safety workshop.  The founder of she files (pty) ltd, an engineering contractor himself, noted that the rest of the contractors were as intimidated by the legal and admin responsibilities placed on them.  Besides,  there were urgent matters to attend to on-site, with late delivery penalties looming.  
So the idea of automating and streamlining the creation of a She File (an OHS act compliant Health and Safety File) for his own company was born.  This idea soon evolved into an online system that would be used by all other contractors nationwide.

Vision Statement

“If our software saves one life – just one – we have achieved our objective.  If it saves more than one life, we have accomplished our dream.”

Mission Statement

To provide effective health and safety software, which will quickly and professionally compile your site She File (health and safety file) for you, at a price affordable to every construction contractor.

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