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The new Ergonomics Regulations came into effect on the 6th December 2019 and were completely overshadowed by the Declaration of a National State of Disaster.

At SHe files we take pride in offering comprehensive Ergonomic Risk Assessment services in the Eastern Cape. Our commitment to employee well-being and workplace safety extends to multiple Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha, Uitenhage/Kariega, Grahamstown/Makhanda, East London, Humansdorp and Jeffrey's Bay. Whether you're based in the vibrant city of Port Elizabeth, or outlying areas and towns in Eastern Cape, we are here to assist you. In addition, we have developed an online system for business in the rest of South Africa. Our team of experts is well-versed in ergonomic risk assessment to ensure legal compliance and a safer and more productive workplace. Contact us today for a quotation, and let us help you stay on the right side of the Department of Labour. Ergonomics Regulations are a legal requirement.

This particular section typically deals with the legal responsibility of employers to safeguard their employees' well-being while at work. ERR involves a structured process of evaluating and recognizing potential ergonomic hazards and risks that might arise from the design of workstations, equipment, and job tasks. The main goal is to proactively address issues like repetitive motions, uncomfortable postures, excessive force requirements, and other ergonomic stressors that could lead to muscle and skeletal problems, as well as workplace injuries. By carrying out ERR as mandated by Section 6(1)(a), employers can take necessary steps to create workspaces that are ergonomically friendly, which, in turn, enhances employee health, productivity, and overall workplace safety.


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ERR Section 6(1)(a) states that:

An employer must, before the commencement of any work that may expose employees to ergonomic risks, have an ergonomic risk assessment performed by a competent person.

Ergonomics She File Health Safety File South Africa App
Ergonomics She File Health Safety File In South Africa App

A "competent person" in relation to ergonomics, means a person who-

  1. has in respect of the work or task to be performed the required knowledge, training and experience in ergonomics and, where applicable, qualifications specific to ergonomics: provided that where appropriate qualifications and training are registered in terms of the provisions of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 2008 (Act No. 67 of 2008), those qualifications and that training must be regarded as the required qualifications and training; and
  2. is familiar with the Act and the applicable regulations made under the Act the applicable regulations made under the Act

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