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What makes this SHe Files software unique?

Wizard Driven She Files

The SHe Files WizardTM

 The SHe Files WizardTM guides you through your basic SHE file creation (Health and Safety File) – simply select which construction activities you will undertake, and SHe Files will automatically load and print the correct appointment letters, registers and checklists.  You do not need an extensive knowledge of the OHS Act.

Keep She File Documents Uptodate

Keeps your documents up to date (valid).

Most certificates and licenses have a validity period.  SHe Files will manage these documents for you by notifying you of approaching expiry.  Don’t be caught on site with an expired medical certificate for Jacob – let SHe Files keep track of the expiry dates on all your documents.

Secure She File Documents

File your documents securely.

SHe Files is cloud-based, on Microsoft servers, meaning your Health & Safety File data is safe from theft, fire, physical damage or the loss of your device.  All of your electronic copies of medicals, licenses, certificates, policies are safe and SHe Files keeps a record of past files, as required by law.  You will have your SHE file history available online wherever you are!

She Files For Contractors

The SHe Files app is designed by a contractor, for contractors.

It takes into account that contractors are generally not techno-geeks or pen-pushers. Can a lawyer install a geyser? Can an IT professional erect a cellphone tower? No? So why should a contractor require a thorough understanding of the law, and have a degree in Computer Science?

SHe Files is intuitive, simple and easy to follow without being an IT professional or lawyer.

Help On She Files

Help! Only a click away


SHe Files is easy to use and has a brief explanation of what to do on each page of the App.  There is also a ticket system within the App which allows you to submit your query, and a Help Desk available on 041 450 6092.  


We will assist you with the creation of your Health and Safety File.

No Contracts She Files

No Contracts!


When cash flow is really tight, you may need to deactivate or cancel your account. One click will do that for you, and your account will remain dormant in the SHe Files database for 3 months. If you reactivate within 3 months, your data will all still be intact, and you pick up where you left off.

SHe Files works on a recurring voluntary subscription, not a fixed term contract

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