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Health and Safety Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does SHe Files software keep track of document expiry dates?

  1. When you set up your company and employees, you will be prompted to enter an expiry date for each document you upload.  This date is monitored by SHe Files and will be used to notify you when you're approaching the expiry dates.  

Q: My client wants the SHE file (Health and Safety File) sections in a certain order. How can I get around that, using SHe Files software?

  1. SHe Files allows you to reshuffle your sections, or contents, as you wish.  You can also insert additional documents as you wish.

Q: My client's health and safety spec is more "strict" (Best Practices) than OHS Act requirements.  How do I keep meet these additional requirements?

  1. SHe Files can accommodate extra sections within the SHE File (Health & Safety File).  What's more, you can clone the file after you have set it up to meet your clients Best Practices Health and Safety Specification, and your next file will be ready to publish with just a few site specific edits. Our partnered consultants will be available at the helpdesk to guide you

Q: I don't know when Im supposed to appoint people, nor when or which registers to open .... can I still use SHe Files? 

  1. You don't need to know who to appoint or what registers to open, all you need to know is WHAT you will be doing on site.  The SHe Files WizardTM will ask you for this info, then automatically make the correct appointments and publish the correct registers.

Q: What happens if I want to publish more files for new sites, but I've used my full quota?

  1. No problem, just go to My Company, and click on "Top Up".  You will then be guided by the prompts, and you can purchase an additional file and the quoted price. Or contact the helpdesk

Q: When must I have a SHE File (Health & Safety File)?

  1. CR 7(1)(b) and CR 7(2)(b) requires the contractor to open a full Health & Safety File on every site, prior to commencement of any construction work.

Q: What is "construction work"?

  1. "Construction work" means any work in connection with:
    1. the construction, erection, alteration, renovation, repair, demolition or dismantling of or addition to a building or any similar structure; or
    2. the construction, erection, maintenance, demolition or dismantling of any bridge, dam, canal, road, railway, runway, sewer or water reticulation; or the moving of earth, clearing of land, the making of excavation, piling or any similar civil engineering structure or any similar type of work.

Q: What is "structure"?

A. "structure" means:

  1. any building, steel or reinforced concrete structure (not being a building), railway line or siding, bridge, waterworks, reservoir, pipe or pipeline, cable, sewer, sewage works, fixed vessels, road, drainage works, earthworks, dam, wall, mast, tower, tower crane, bulk mixing plant, pylon, surface and underground tanks, earth retaining structure or any structure designed to preserve or alter any natural feature, and any other similar structure; or
  2. any false work, scaffold or other structure designed or used to provide support or means of access during construction work; or
  3. any fixed plant in respect of construction work which includes installation, commissioning, decommissioning or dismantling and where any construction work involves a risk of a person falling.

Q: What is a "contractor"?

  1. "Contractor" means an employer who performs construction work.

Q: I am just a small business with 1 employee. Im going to paint Mrs Smith's boundry wall. Must I have a SHE file (Health and Safety File)?

  1. Yes.  You are a contractor, and will be performing construction work, according to definition of CR 2014.

Q: If I authorise a monthly debit order for the SHe File app, what happens over shutdown when I will not need any files?

  1. Your subscription will continue to run, as the premiums are based on annual costs.

Q: How do I reinstate my account, if my payment is declined?

  1. Your account will automatically be reinstated after the next successful payment is made.

Q: I need 5 files this month, and I only registered for 4. What can I do?

  1. Just log into the SHe Files App, go to My Company, and click on "Top Up". Of course, you may accumulate files, so there is a chance you have some "spare" files carried over from previous months

Q: How do I know how many files I have left?

  1. It will be displayed on the Subscription Details page, in the App.

Q: Why must I have a debit order or recurring payment on my account? I never know how many files I will need.

  1. The price of the subscription has been carefully selected based on statistical data and forecasts.  SHe FIles (Pty) Ltd needs a stable revenue stream to provide a secure and reliable service. It is similar to "Use it or Lose it" airtime packages in the cellphone industry.

Q: Why does the price per file increase, the smaller package I choose?

  1. Actually, the price decreases as you increase your packages.  SHe Files (Pty) Ltd has substantial overheads to ensure your business runs smoothly and your compulsory Health and Safety files are compliant.  The more files you buy, the more files there are to cover our overheads, hence the lower price per file.

Q: What happens if I deactivate or cancel, then wish to reactivate again?

A. You will be charged a reactivation fee, which is displayed on-screen when you Deactivate or Reactivate.  Your data will still be on our servers for 3 months.  If you Reactivate within 3 months, you simply continue where you left off.  However, if you do not Reactivate within 3 months, your company will be deleted and you will need to setup again. Your accumulated files will be forfeited if you choose to Deactivate or if your subscription is unsuccessful. 

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